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Sunday, October 12th 2014, 2:14pm

Author: LePouSAT

Info about Streamboard being offline

Until SBAdmin and his staff find a reliable solution, you can use our SVN and GIT mirrors for the OSCam sources. All the details are available here : LePouSAT OSCAM.CC Admin

Saturday, October 11th 2014, 4:18pm

Author: LePouSAT

*** Our SVN & GIT OSCam Mirrors ***

SVN Browser available at : Source code 1 2 Standard OSCam ===> svn co oscam-svn Modern Webif =====> svn co oscam-svn GIT Browser available at : Source code 1 2 Standard OSCam ===> git clone Modern Webif =====> git clone

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013, 11:46am

Author: LePouSAT

*** Switch from PHPBB To Woltlab Burning Board ***

Hi everybody ! Following the big big problems we had with the old forum software, we have decided to move from "PHPBB" software to the "WOLTLAB BURNING BOARD LITE" package ... Everything is running fine now but however, as PHPBB and WBB LITE does not have the same password encryption system, YOU WILL NEED TO REQUEST A PASSWORD RESET IN ORDER TO GET ACCESS TO THE FORUM. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PASSWORD RESET FORM We are very sorry for that but we made the choice of reliability and security. Than...

Monday, May 27th 2013, 7:04pm

Author: LePouSAT

"depp0n" patch not applied anymore !

Hi ! [Eng]Since Revision 8453, we were applying a patch made by depp0n to fix a dvbapi problem for multicrypt channels. Oscam Devs are currently working on the whole DVBAPI Section, so we decide to remove this patch from our sources used for compiling the following binaries : [Fre]Depuis la révision 8453, nous appliquions un patch fait par depp0n pour régler un souci avec le dvbapi lors du visionnage de chaines "multicrypt". Un gros travail est actuellement en cours sur ce patch et tant qu'ils n...

Sunday, May 26th 2013, 5:32pm

Author: LePouSAT

*** OSCAM.CC Forum Rules ***

Here are the rules for our forum. Every user has accepted all of them with no restriction when registering. You can find those rules here just for your reference ... English 1 - Users must use a polite and correct language. Vulgarity and insults are not permitted. 2 - No post about politics, racism or pornography will be accepted. 3 - Nicknames that would break rules 1 and/or 2 are, of course, not allowed. 4 - Users must try to use a readable and understandable language. SMS language or similar ...